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We are still open. Taking an interest in Pregnancy and Fertility Acupuncture and IVF Support

Claire Eckert

Specialised Fertility Acupuncturist

Claire is an APHRA registered acupuncturist and has been practicing for the past 19 years. After her completion of her Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, she spent time working in China.

Claire has a special interest in doing acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for fertility, IVF support and womens health. She has had a lot of experience in treating menstrual irregularities and infertility related conditions such as endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome using Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

She does Remedial Massage and Kahuna Bodywork also.

She combines acupuncture with her skills as a massage therapist to treat conditions such as sciatica, tennis elbow, back pain, whiplash and migraines.

Mark has a Bachelor of Health Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy. He can offer all the usual soft tissue techniques of a good remedial massage therapist as well as a range of advanced techniques such as Maitland’s mobilisations, Mulligan’s movement with mobilisation, muscle energy techniques, neuro-lymphatic techniques, dry needling, electro-needling, cupping, advanced taping and strapping, and many more.

He treats clients in acute or chronic pain, and/or requiring help with managing complex pathologies or rehabilitating from complex injuries or surgery. In the first session, he will talk to you about what is going on, and run you through a range of physical assessments to assist in forming a relevant and effective treatment plan tailored to your needs. You will receive a combination of practical hands-on treatment, therapeutic exercise instruction and lifestyle and well-being education to assist you to recover from or manage your conditions. Sessions generally include a lot of involvement from clients as he assesses, treats and reassesses each body tissue or area contributing to your pain. You may be treated while seated, standing, or be asked to do active exercise during your session.

Mark Gunther

Specialised musculoskeletal therapist

Musculoskeletal Therapy

Joint stiffness, “out of alignment” or “needing a crack” - musculoskeletal therapists will not apply high-velocity movements along the spine as typically seen with a chiropractor, however, they can assist with gentle joint mobilisation., MWMs (mobilisation with movement) and stabilising exercises to prevent future “cricks”.

  • Complex injuries
  • Complex and multi-factorial pain patterns
  • Nerve injuries, nerve tension or nerve pain
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Conditions that have not responded to general remedial massage--

Miki Endo

Specialised Remedial Therapist

Miki has always had a desire to help people. After completing her Diploma of Remedial Massage and working within the industry for few years her enthusiam and passion for this industry led her to further her knowledge by enrolling into Bachelor of Physiotherapy where she completed 2 years in South Australia. The depth of knowledge obtained during the 2 years has assisted in identifying and working with dysfunction within the body. Miki believes a treatment should not just target specific areas but should be looked at from a more holistic approach.

Miki specialises in the following modalities : Sport Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Message, Deep Tissue techniques, Myofascial Cupping, Myofascial Dry Needling, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage.

Another Practitioner- Rasintara is a fully Qualified Remedial Massage therapist who received her Diploma in Remedial Massage at Mastery Institute Australia. She originates from Thailand and speaks English Thai and a little Mandarin, She does a variety of different techniques such as Trigger Point, Dry Needling, Myofacial Release, Mobilisations, Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage. Rasintara is a compassionate person and can adapt her style to the energy and needs of clients. She can also do Hot stone Therapy and Vacuum Cupping. .


Remedial Massage therapist