Preconception Care Fertility Acupuncture for Women and Men

Who May Benefit from the  Preconception Care Program?

The preconception care program is for women, men and couples who are wanting to prepare their body for conception and pregnancy and would like to have acupuncture as an adjunct treatment along with other therapies.

It is for women who:
  • Want to improve their health before they conceive
  • Are considering or are doing IUI
  • Are considering  or are doing IVF
  • Are suffering from stress and/or anxiety
  • Have been having difficulty conceiving
  • Have been diagnosed with a gynaecological issue such as endometriosis, or PCOS
  • Have an irregular menstrual cycle
  • Are suffering from painful periods



 And for men who are:
  • Wanting to improve their general health
  • Are suffering stress and/or anxiety
  • Are doing an IVF cycle with their partner
  • Have a male fertility issue
  • Want TCM support to optimise male reproductive health


Acupuncture may be offered as a adjunct support for women, men and couples who are planning to conceive. We aim to get your energy systems in a more balanced state so you are in better health before you try to conceive either naturally or with IVF. We support all kinds of people on their fertility journey with Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and lifestyle and dietary advice according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We are here for you to provide acupuncture as an adjunct treatment to your other therapies. We recommend doing our preconception program for 3 months prior to conception.