Moxibustion TCM Treatment

Moxibustion or Moxa is the burning of a herb (Mugwort); and we use it to treat conditions by applying heat to Acupuncture points or areas of the body. 

Moxa have the form of a cone or a stick, and it is used by us, Acupuncturist, to warm, and even nourish the Qi and Blood. The stick looks like a big cigar; we held it about 2 inches from the skin, above an Acupuncture point or area, to help you feel better or treat specific conditions.


Also Moxa is used to warm the channels and expel cold, for example; When you have a condition which is worse in cold weather, such as joint pain, or a condition which is made better for warmth, for example; Hot water bottle for period pain.

You would like to know that Moxibustion drives the cold out of the body, curing you faster. 

Plus: Another reason for our practitioners to use Moxa is to nourish the Qi and blood. Moxa is used for depleted energy or weakness and can also boost the Yang energy and boost immunity and fertility. (Used to treat prolapsed uterus).

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