Chronic Fatigue

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Fatigue, tiredness or exhaustion is known as “Xu Lao”

Tiredness, fatigue,or exhaustion is known as “Xu Lao” in Chinese Medicine which translates to tiredness from deficiency – meaning deficiency of Qi or energy. Fatigue, whether it is chronic or more recently occurring, is one of the most commonly presenting complaints at our clinic and our goal is to boost your energy with acupuncture and Chinese herbs to tonify your organs.

Sometimes, fatigue, is not always caused by a deficiency, it also can be caused by an excess conditions such as Liver Qi Stagnation (stagnation of the liver energy) or heat, often seen in cases of post viral chronic fatigue. In this case we aim to move the stagnant energy and clear the heat out of the body.

chronic fatigue acupuncture treatment

Here at Qi for Life Acupuncture we often see people who suffer fatigue due to:

Whatever the case, our practitioners will diagnose the cause of your fatigue and chose the right set of acupuncture points for your individual case. We also recommend Chinese herbal medicine and Moxibustion in some cases.

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