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Natural Fertility Acupuncture Support for Women, Men and Couples

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are well known for being adjunct therapies for infertility. For thousands of years, Acupuncture has been used in China to regulate a woman’s reproductive system.  Fertility acupuncture has physiological effect of balancing and unblocking the body’s energy.

A regular healthy menstrual cycle and a healthy body that is stress and pain free is the goal of many women who are planning to conceive.  We aim to support both women and men on their fertility journey by balancing your body’s energy systems; also by optimising and unblocking energy flow in the body and in the area of the reproductive organs. 

The acupuncture meridians relate to different organs and we chose points according to your individual Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis.  In TCM theory Kidney weakness is usually the most common underlying factor for both women and men with infertility so one of the things we do is tonify the kidney energy by doing acupuncture points on the kidney meridian.

Who Is Fertility Support Acupuncture For?

Fertility Acupuncture is for women, men and couples who are either

At QI for Life Acupuncture we have a special interest in seeing Women, Men or Couples who
are seeking acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for fertility. Our clinic
In Bulimba, Brisbane typically treat: 

Women who have:

And Men who have:

Preparing to Conceive: I Want to prepare my body Preconception Care

The Pre Conception Care acupuncture treatment involves getting weekly acupuncture treatments as well as Chinese herbal medicine for 3 months prior to conceiving.

Who May Benefit from Preconception Care Treatment?

The preconception care program is for women, men and couples who are wanting to prepare their body for conception and pregnancy and would like to have acupuncture as an adjunct treatment along with other therapies.

Preconception care acupuncture and Chinese herbs is for women who:

An men who are:

We support all kinds of people on their fertility journey with Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and lifestyle and dietary advice according to the principles of Traditional  Chinese Medicine.

We recommend doing our preconception program for 3 months prior to conception.

During the Cycle: I am already trying to Conceive

menstrual cycle acupuncture conception

When is it a good to get acupuncture?

Any time is a good time to commence acupuncture if you are already trying to conceive. wherever you are at in your cycle is a good time to get acupuncture. We recommend weekly acupuncture. We do acupuncture points according to the phase you are at in the cycle and any incidental signs or symptoms you are experiencing.

Day 1-4 (Menstrual Phase)

This is when menstruation is occurring, Day 1 being the first morning of full flow. Acupuncture at this time moves and descends the blood out of the uterus, reduces cramps, and moves obstructions so that the lining is fully shed so that new lining can be laid down in the next phase.

Day 5 to Day 12 ( Pre Ovulation Phase)

Acupuncture at this time in the cycle is important because it is the time the new lining of the uterus called the endometrium is being laid down and the follicles are growing due to a rise in the Follicle Stimulating Hormone. We want to prime the endometrium during this phase so that it is a smoother surface for implantation later in the cycle. We also want to increase blood flow to the ovaries to enhance follicle growth.

Day 12 – Day 17 (Ovulation Phase)

When the egg is released from the follicle it travels down the fallopian tube to hopefully be fertilised by awaiting sperm. This is also the time when midcycle mucus is at its maximum and with help of Chinese herbal medicine this MCM will have stretchy quality that is needed to transport the sperm to the egg. Acupuncture at this time moves the energy and blood circulation in the ovaries and fallopian tubes. The circulation in the ovaries promotes efficient ovulation and the movement of energy flow through the fallopian tubes helps them to be flexible while the egg or fertilised embryo is travelling down the tube.

Day 18 – Period (Luteal Phase)

This is the post ovulation phase and it is the time where the embryo is implanting in the endometrium. By doing acupuncture at this time we are gently circulating the energy in the lower abdomen to support the growth of an embryo. No lower abdominal points will be used 8 days or more post ovulation.

If you are not trying to conceive, then a stronger acupuncture treatment is given using lower abdominal points as well as points on arms and legs. We want to regulate your energy and address any PMS or other symptoms you may be experiencing when you are due and prepare you for a smooth transition into the next cycle. 

What we do will also include Chinese herbs, supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice.

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