Fertility and IVF Support for Women, Men and Couples

Fertility and IVF Support for Women, Men and Couples

 Acupuncture has a physiological effect of balancing the body’s energy.

A regular healthy menstrual cycle and a healthy body that is stress and pain free is the goal of many women who are planning to conceive.  We aim to help you on your fertility journey by balancing your body’s energy systems and optimising energy flow from the areas of stagnation to areas that need it most. The acupuncture meridians relate to different organs and we chose points according to your individual Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis.  In TCM theory Kidney weakness is usually the most common underlying factor for women with infertility.

Many health practitioners may recommend acupuncture as an adjunct treatment that may assist with IVF treatment. There is continuing research about how acupuncture can assist with the effectiveness of IVF treatment and you should consult your treating practitioner/s about how acupuncture may be able to help you as a women, man or couple.


Pre and Post Implantation Acupuncture

Pre and post embryo transfer acupuncture consists of two 30 min acupuncture treatments. The Pre Transfer treatment is best done within 24hrs before the transfer and the Post Transfer treatment is done within 24 hours after the transfer. These treatments aim to gently stimulate the blood flow to the uterus to improve the chances of implantation occurring. Acupuncture is also calming during this stressful time.

Pre and post transfer acupuncture comes in a package of two acupuncture treatments for $120.